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Illustration Projects

A deck of cards with the 4 suits corresponding with the 4 elements; Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.



To thank all of the moms in the world for all their hard work making it through the tedious day-to-day difficulties of raising children, a set of cards showing the mundane side of parenting.

Mothers Day Cards

Featuring prominent tea blends personified in a Mid Century Mod style. These illustrations were screenprinted onto tea towels.

Tea Towels

Illustrations done for the novel The Mongrabi by Suzanne Duvall. The portraits are process illustrations to help the author narrow down how she imagined the character visually. The tree illustration was used for the cover.

The Mongrabi

Illustrated and Letterpressed coasters for a small business's holiday gift.

Holiday Coasters

Illustrations for a set of greeting cards with amusing puns, like "Alpaca My Bags" and "Plenty of Fish in the Sea"

Letterpress Greeting Cards

This dog has the life. Working to capture all the moods of this pup as he moves about his day. He could be all of the dwarves; Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy...

The Life of Riley

A number of random illustrations done for various projects.


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